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Just Be is an immersive retreat designed by women, for women.  It infuses science-backed self-care with ancient wisdom and self-awareness practices.  Over the weekend, experience:   

  • The SKY Breath Meditation Workshop:  Learn daily breathing practices to unlock calm, peace and inner freedom through a workshop featured in Vogue, the New York Times, MSNBC, CNN and more.  Explore ancient wisdom principles that center the mind and bring ease in relationships.  

  • Contemplative Activities: Pause to listen to your inner voice through lightly guided inquiries and observation.  Spend mindful, quiet time in nature. 

  • Circle of Women: Through stories and music, connect with a diverse group of women. 

  • Holistic Guidance for Integrated Living: Nourish body and soul through our cooking and eating experiences and learn Ayurvedic food, lifestyle and beauty practices. 

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