Just Be ~


Experience the power of being, not doing. 

April 9-11



Just Be

A retreat for every woman

experience the power of being, not doing


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Join us in April in the ultimate gift to yourself - Just Be.  Learn the delicate art of doing nothing.


We put so much effort into doing, learning, and accumulating.  Even self-care can become another task on the list of things we should be perfecting.  What would happen if we just put it all on pause? There is dynamism and power in pausing.   It creates space for us to listen to ourselves. It allows inspiration and creativity to rise up. 


Just Be is a weekend retreat for every woman or those who identify as women who are striving to hold it all together, to be one's best self, and to be there for everyone else - for one's family, company or organization.   A unique offering of the Art of Living Foundation, it is a complete retreat for the mind, body and soul that includes the powerful SKY Breath and Meditation Workshop and features elective sessions on Ayurvedic beauty and nutrition, yoga, immersion in nature, and more. 

Sign up with facilitators who will guide your weekend experience or schedule an appointment with our wellness concierge by emailing support@breathmeditationworkshop.org to learn more.  We look forward to seeing you there.


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April 9-11

East Coast

April 9-11

WEST Coast

April 9-11

CAnada - West Coast


We have created this retreat as a way to offer to other women the opportunity to be at ease, natural, and cared for while gaining tools and wisdom that can help any woman experience enduring peace, health and wellness.


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